520 S Clara Ave
Deland, FL 32720
United States


Blue Springs monthly dances are held on the first or second Sunday of every month.

The dances are held at 520 S Clara Avenue in DeLand . There is a 30 minute dance lesson at the beginning of every dance. The dance lesson starts at 5:30 PM. General dancing starts at 6 PM and continues until 8:30 PM. Admission is $8 members, $12 non-members and $5 students.

Date-------------- Dress -------------------------------------------------------Lesson

Jan 08 2017--------Dress to impress ---------------------------------------Merengue

Feb 12 2017--------Dress to impress ---------------------------------------Salsa, Mambo

Mar 05 2017-------Dress to impress ----------------------------------------Quickstep

Apr 02 2017--------Dress to impress ----------------------------------------Waltz S

May 07 2017-------Dress to impress ----------------------------------------West Coast Swing R

June 04 2017-------Semi-Formal --------------------------------------------Bolero S

July 02 2017-------Dress to impress -----------------------------------------ChaCha

Aug 06 2017--------Dress to impress ------------------------------------------FoxTrot

Sep 10 2017--------Dress to impress ---------------------------------------East Coast Swing R

Oct 01 2017--------Dress to impress-----------------------------------------Tango S

Nov 05 2017--------Dress to impress------------------------------------------Samba R

Dec 03 2017 -------- Semi-Formal---------------------------------------------Argentine Tango S

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